Presentations and speeches are listed where the text or slide pack is available via links to other websites. I have gone back here to September 2013.  Speeches from prior dates are all still available on the Bank of England and BIS websites.

7.12.20 Panel on IFRS consultation 

We had a Policy Forum debate at King’s College Qatar Centre for Global Banking and Finance, on the IFRS consultation on whether they should introduce a set of new accounting principles for climate change reporting.  You can watch the full event here, and our panel starts after about 55 minutes – with myself, Megan Bowman and Morgan Slebos.

16.9.19 The intersection of banking regulation and sustainable finance.

Presented at the World Conference of Banking Institutes, held at the Guildhall, London and hosted by the London Institute of Banking And Finance.  Link here.

10.4.18 The future for central bank balance sheets and their use as a macroprudential tool

I presented a keynote speech at a SUERF event in London on Monetary Policy Normalisation: Scenarios and Risks.  The speech set out reasons why central bank balance sheets may not be scaled back to previous levels and how operational parameters surrounding asset purchases and lending arrangements could be set so as to enable central banks to actively affect prudential liquidity metrics, thus influencing financial stability, without compromising their monetary policy objectives.

Link to presentation: Here
Link to summary paper: SUERF Policy Note 38

14.11.16  The Future of London and its Financial Markets

In November 2016 I was asked by the Japanese Financial News Agency to make a presentation to a seminar for senior Japanese businessmen (yes, nearly all men) about the consequences for London of UK Exit from the EU. Although I didn’t read it out, I did release a text to be translated into Japanese for attendees. This link is to the whole text in English – if I ever find out how, I will post a pdf doc that can be downloaded!
Link: London and its Financial Markets

5.10.16 What (not) to expect from central banks

Levture at Richmond University Business School’s Wellbeing Research Centre
on October 5 2016.
Link: What (not) to expect from central banks

9.6.16 The PRA’s competition objective

Presentation at the University of East Anglia Centre for Competition Policy
9 – 10th June 2016, OPEN, 20 Bank Plain, Norwich NR2 4SF.
Link: The PRA’s Competition Objective

30.9.15 The financial regulation reform agenda: what has been achieved and how much is left to do?

Lecture at Richmond University Business School on October 1 1025.  An updated version was also presented at the LSE’s Financial Regulation Seminar in ?May 2016.
Link: The Regulatory Agenda

3.3.15 Confronting the challenges of tomorrow’s world

Speech given at the Economist’s Insurance Summit 2015, London.
Link: Challenges Facing the Insurance Industry

22.1.15 Regulation and the Future of the Insurance Industry

Speech given at the Westminster Business Forum
Link: The Future of the Insurance Industry

17.10.14 PRA Solvency II Conference: Countdown to Implementation

Introduction to a conference on Solvency II preparation.
Link: Solvency II Implementation

1.10.14 Microprudential, macroprudential and monetary policy: conflict, compromise or co-ordination?

Lecture at Richmond University Business School on October 1 2014.
Link: Policy co-ordination

23.1.14 Inflation, Interest Rates and Forward Guidance

Speech given at State Street Global Advisors London Pensions and Investments Briefing. Link: Forward Guidance

2.10.13 Financial markets, monetary policy and credit supply.

Lecture at Richmond University Business School on October 2 2013. includes an assessment of the Funding for Lending Scheme after one year of operations.
Link: Credit Supply