The Work of the Green Technical Advisory Group

The GTAG finally published a paper on 23/2/23 on ‘Promoting the Interoperability of a UK Green Taxonomy’.
I led one of the working groups, and co-authored much of the first draft – especially the recommendations. The Brilliant GTAG secretariat worked with us and then took over to develop it and make it publishable. We would love people both to read it and feedback their views.

The GTAG has been very busy behind the scenes since it was established, looking at a range of advice for HMT/BEIS and ministers. Unfortunately 2022 was a bad year for action on this front as other pressing priorities for government seemed to delay work on the Taxonomy: Ukraine, high inflation, PM resignations etc all meant that political focus was often elsewhere and new ministers and responsibilities kept revolving. Hopefully things are settled for a bit and we should finally see the taxonomy published for consultation soon. To be clear, writing and ownership the Taxonomy still rests with Government, and as the GTAG we are just advisors trying to help establish effective public policy on a non-partisan basis and pro bono.

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