Consultancy for central banking and related activities

PGFpolicy Ltd is my own company for providing consultancy. This is primarily aimed at central banking and can be obtained  through a variety of official and commercial arrangements. You can contact me directly or through LinkedIn.

Topics covered to date include: risk management frameworks; financial stability governance; foreign exchange markets; liquidity provision; monetary frameworks and general internal management and organisation. During my career at the Bank of England I covered most aspects of central banking and feel comfortable advising on most topics.

Some is contracted directly, including Technical Assistance from the Bank of England and policy work for the IMF (for whom I worked on the euro area FSAP programme – see publications list for the final public report). I have been involved in various other technical assistance projects.

I have an arrangement to support the public policy team at Oliver Wyman, and in particular their Systemic Policy Partnership which advises on financial stability governance at senior levels and other, larger advisory projects.

Ad hoc, high level advice has been arranged through Agencies, but this is quite limited.

I am also researching and publishing on central banking as an academic, now via King’s College Business School, with current research topics covering: the future for central bank balance sheets, policy coordination, secondary objectives and the interactions of supervision with competition policy and, separately, climate change. I have also done occasional talks on Brexit!