Green Technical Advisory Group

The UK Government, working with the Green Finance Institute (an industry-wide group backed by the UK Governments, the banks, the City of London etc) has set up a new Green Technical Advisory Group (GTAG) to give non-binding advice on the development and implementation of the Technical Screening Criteria (TSC) for the UK Green Taxonomy.

When the UK exited the EU, legislation that was already in force automatically became established as UK law (unless specifically repealed) – that included the structure of the EU Green Taxonomy. But the relevant TSC were not then agreed and so not imported and the UK now has to decide its own.

Do we stick or Twist? That is the question!

The GTAG was announced on 9 July 2021 along with the membership and the terms of reference. The chair of the group is the excellent Ingrid Holmes, now at the GFI.

I am privileged to have been asked and appointed to be a member. Buckle in and enjoy the ride.