This website is primarily intended to promote Paul Fisher’s work as a freelance academic interested in effective public policy. ┬áSpecific topics include: monetary policy and central banking more broadly, climate change, sustainable finance, competition policy, financial markets including precious metals, prudential supervision and regulation, debt management and current macroeconomic policy issues.

Paul has affiliations/positions with, but is not employed by, a number of academic institutions including:

Cambridge University, where he is a Fellow at the Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

King’s College Business School, Centre for Data Analytics for Finance and Macro, where he is a Senior Research Fellow.

Richmond, the American International University in London, where he has been a visting professor in business and finance for some years and has recently joined their new Well-being Research Centre.

The London Institute of Banking and Finance where he chaired the Board of Trustees from mid 2011-mid 2017 and, as of February 2019, has been made a Visiting Professor.

The University of East Anglia where he is on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Competition Policy.

Warwick University Business School who provide the Bank of England with post-graduate courses in central banking.  Paul is a consultant advisor to the Bank on that programme and is helping to prepare the new, on-line Masters programme in Central Banking and regulation, to start in October, 2019.

PGFpolicy Ltd is the name of a limited company set up for any consultancy services but most of his academic work is on a cost recovery basis.